Silent Assassin

Ryan Tannehill was the inspiration behind this project. Debunking the use of stats or preconceived notions about quarterbacks and using the game-film to accurately portray the player’s effectiveness is most suitable for the Dolphins signal-caller.

Ryan Tannehill was sensational in 2016. After a couple of shaky-outings behind porous offensive line play, he put together a stretch of high-level play rivaled by few in the league. He didn’t have the gaudy volume, fantasy football stats, but he was consistently on schedule, extremely accurate and made as many off-script plays as any QB in football.

Tannehill’s arm talent is supreme. He can drive a fastball from a clean pocket, he can adjust to pressure and reset to keep his mechanics correct, and he is as dangerous as anyone on the move (sans that quarterback in Green Bay.)

His ability to recognize the rush improved tenfold under Adam Gase. Keeping the down and distance manageable with safe throws on a variety of flares, play-action bootlegs, slants, bubble-screens, hitches and speed-outs, the Dolphins lured teams into big-play opportunities.

Under Tannehill, Miami had the fewest offensive plays ran and, yet, had the second highest explosive-play percentage in the league.

Some of the responsibility for the lack of snaps falls on Tannehill and he can improve that by getting his pre-snap protection calls aligned better and checking out of non-advantageous run plays and quick-hitter pass plays.

The strides Tannehill was making prior to the knee injury that cost him the final four games (playoffs included) of the season were noticeable. However, glossing over Adam Gase’s impact on Tannehill would be ignorant. He created safe game-plans that allowed Tannehill to capitalize on his game-breaking ability when the opportunity presented itself. The Dolphins line was a mundane group but the pass catchers are top shelf so that, along with Gase, was beneficial.

Miami fans’ expectations of the offense should be in the clouds for the 2017 season.

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