2017 Grade: .238

2017 Third Down: .556

Week 5 vs. Minnesota: Trubisky’s rookie debut was typical of most debuts. There were flashes to get the fans excited but, ultimately, he has a long way to go. He was impressive moving the launch point and throwing on the run, but he lacked rhythm and accuracy otherwise. His touchdown was a bad decision and bad throw, and his back-breaking interception was an atrocious all around play.

Week 6 at Baltimore: Operating what essentially equates to a high school offense, Mitch Trubisky made three plays of note in this game – he took 80 snaps. Multiple drives with zero pass plays, even more with one or two, the Bears are bringing the rookie along very slowly. With almost strictly naked boots and rolling pockets, the only thing Trubisky has shown thus far is athleticism. He is nowhere near ready to play.

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