2017 Grade: .481

2017 3rd Down: .523

Week 1 at Buffalo: Despite posting positive results on 24 of 39 drop backs, Josh McCown played an extremely vanilla brand of football in week one. Dump offs, screens, stick routes, clear-outs for the back, the Jets wanted to protect their quarterback. Once the scoreboard turned against the Jets, McCown opened it up, and imploded. If there were a reasonable option on the bench, New York would make a switch immediately.

Week 2 at Oakland: The job Josh McCown is doing is…. commendable. There is absolutely zero separation down the field, his protection is severely lacking and the defense can’t stop a nosebleed. That’s not to suggest that McCown is lighting the world on fire, but he’s competing (22 yard run on 3rd and 18, two touchdown passes.) His lack of athleticism cost him a couple of sacks, but he didn’t bury his team with bad throws or decisions.

Week 3 vs. Miami: Josh McCown played the kind of game you hope to get out of a veteran journeyman. Minimal mistakes, hit the big play when called upon, and lead the team to victory. McCown was sharp on third down and only had four negative plays of his 25 recorded drop backs.

Week 4 vs. Jacksonville: Josh McCown is exactly what Jets fans were afraid of coming into the season. His penchant for the occasional big play, and his third down prowess are not just keeping the Jets in games, but winning them. His 2-2 mark is putting the tank-job on hold for now. Aside from the Oakland game, and the fourth quarter of the Buffalo, McCown has been sharp.

Week 5 at Cleveland: This game was designed for Josh McCown’s Jets. Simple hitches, screens and flares, keeping the offense on schedule, taking advantage of coverage breakdowns and one improvisational play was all it took for the Jets to get a win. The game plan was as safe as could be and Josh McCown did exactly what was asked of him.

Week 6 vs. New England: If the Jets wanted to tank the season, they would’ve rolled with Bryce Petty Christian Hackenberg. Josh McCown is playing very well and had his best day against the Patriots. Something of a third down magician, being behind the chains hasn’t been a problem for the Jets this year. In the GIF below, McCown channels his inner-Russell Wilson and makes the play of the day.

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