2017 Grade: .315

2017 3rd Down: .354

Week 2 at Los Angeles Chargers: After a shaky start with some off-target, underneath throws, Cutler was nearly flawless in the second half. He extended plays, threw with terrific accuracy and was superb on third down. His touchdown toss to Kenny Stills (below) and the 3rd down conversion to Devante Parker, after a broken pocket, are glimpses into the flashes of greatness from Cutler.

Week 3 at New York Jets: The bugaboos that made Chicago fans weary of Jay Cutler showed up in this game. Throwing from his back foot, inaccuracies, and a lack of overall urgency called his desire into question. On multiple times occasions in the fourth quarter, he let the play clock run out before snapping the ball despite trailing by multiple scores. Several of his completions were located high and behind.

Week 4 vs. New Orleans (LONDON:) Jay Cutler has been a complete bust for the Dolphins to this point. His lazy mechanics and lackadaisical attitude are a better indicator of the quarterback he has been than all the pre-season reports about how the Miami offense wouldn’t miss a beat without Ryan Tannehill.

Week 5 vs. Tennessee: It’s difficult to imagine a worse start for Cutler in Miami. He is more interested in staying on his feet, and keeping his uniform clean, than he is in completing passes. He is seeing ghosts in clean pockets, his accuracy is still an issue and he is misfiring on plays wide open down the field. His interception in the GIF below was one of the worst instances of field awareness I’ve seen from a quarterback this year.

Week 6 at Atlanta: Jay Cutler made enough good plays (fourth down conversion on the game-tying FG drive and touchdown to Stills) to keep his score from the gutter. The bad Cutler still appeared too frequently (GIF below is a walk in TD, he throws a pick). Adam Gase doesn’t trust Cutler, 14 of his 34 drop backs were on third or fourth down. The Dolphins only throw out of necessity, and it’s clear why by the number of missed-reads Cutler had in this game.

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